2018 Smithfield Grant Program Details! Plus, “There’s a BBQ Hall of Fame”?!?!

Tonight, while Steven Raichlen is in Italy, I visit with first time guest and Senior writer for Sports Illustrated, Andy Staples.  Andy covers college football but is also known for being able to call out the best places to eat in every city across the country.  He also is co-host of the PATT podcast. 

The natural disasters keep on coming this year…and Operation BBQ Relief continues to show up and support first responders and those displaced by these significant weather and natural disaster events.  David Marks, CMO for OBR, rejoins me this week to discuss the number of meals they have served over this stretch, their current deployment in Santa Rosa and what YOU can do to help…(hint:$$$$).

Taylor Davis from Smithfield makes HER first appearance on the show.  We will talk about the 2018 Smithfield Grant program and the 2018 Committed Cooks Program.

Helping me close the show tonight is the new “Official Beer Correspondent” of the BBQ Central Show, Matt Bougher.  Tonight we will cover all thing ALE!!  What are the types, kinds and makes…and what do they pair with!!


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