April 15, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

Because this show isn’t ALWAYS about barbecue, 11 time Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu joins the show tonight.  We will talk about his 11 wins in a row and how he caught the HATE of the Jeopardy “traditionalists” because of his game tactics.  Tune in for what should be a very interesting segment.

Next up, pitmaster of The Rolling Grill  and newly published author, Eric Thomas joins me.  Eric will talk about his second appearance on the BBQ Pitmasters TV show and we will also talk about his new book!

Hour 2:

The third Tuesday of every month bring barbecue and grilling legend Steven Raichlen to the show.  Topics we hit tonight…Steven’s new book which is finally finished, spring time maintenance on the cookers, cooking chicken, Lamb, Eggs and also some Holiday grilling!  Probably too much to cover but we’ll try!!

Helping me close the show tonight is the official BBQ Sauce and Rub Reviewer of the BBQ Central Show, Scott Roberts from Scott Roberts Web.  Scott has new reviews in and will share them with us tonight so YOU don’t have to waste your money!!


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