BBQ/Grilling Secrets

As the host of the BBQ Central Radio Show, I get a ton of email from people every week asking me to help improve their BBQ and Grilling efforts.  So my first bit of advice is to listen to ALL of the past shows and become a regular live listner each Tuesday at 9pm EST.  Now, I also understand that everyone is not able to do that…which is why I make the shows available in podcast form as well.

My next tip is to practice!  Nothing beats getting your hands and face dirty with a little barbecue and grilling grease!  I have found, that over the years, even the worst bbq and grilling effort still tasted better than what I could get at any chain restaurant.  Never fear failure…every cook is a learning experience and yields information for you to take on to your next cook.

Now look, while practice is the best thing to do, it never hurts to grab some items that might help “lessen the learning curve” so to speak.  One of the things that have helped me the most are books dealing with the subject matter…one of my most favorite books is the Ultimate Guide To a Delicious Backyard BBQ. Click Here! to visit the website and GET A COPY for yourself.  This book took a large chunk out of my learning curve and I still use it to this day!  It is easily one of the best books I have in my arsenal and not many people know about it…All you have to do is Click Here! to grab your copy!

OK, so that is secret number one…now here’s secret number two!  Many of you have heard of the Chatham Artillery BBQ team.  Pitmaster Bill Anderson has been winning on the competition circuit for years.  During this time, he has passed his knowledge on to many other Pitmasters and backyard cooks like me! Click Here! to get this one of a kind book written by someone who is currently WINNING on the competition circuit! The good news, at least for me, is that it is not just for the competitor. This locked my purchase in and it has paid big dividends at all of my cook-outs. Nothing feels better than having thanks and praise heaped upon you at the end of a successful barbecue…or better yet, having your name called at a competition! To link over to their site and grab their book just Click Here!.