BREAKING NEWS: Cookin’ Pellets announces new “Apple Mash” flavor now available for sale!

BBQ Hall of Famer, Cooking class instructor, and cookbook author, Steven Raichlen was supposed to show up…but something happened and it didn’t happen…I will look to re-load soon!

Brett Gallaway from the Steak Cooking Association gets us caught up on what has been happening and tells of a story where one of his contestants took a top 10 overall steak call with just a charcoal chimney and grill grate sitting on top of it!!

Current IBCA executive director and owner/creator of Texas Pepper Jelly, Craig Sharry, joined me to recap the IBCA end of year meeting and conference.  We also talked about the new IBCA Hall of Fame and the new rule changes for next season.

Chris Becker (CB) from Cookin Pellets announced that he is releasing two new pellet flavors.  There is a limited edition wine pellet AND a new apple mash flavored pellet.  He also says not to fall for the pellet cook companies that tell you to only buy THEIR pellets…it’s kind of against the law!

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