Connie’s Recipe Corner

Connie RempeConnie Rempe (my mom) has been cooking for me since I was born.  While many kids dislike the food they are fed at home or complain how their parents don’t cook very well, my Mom was a shining example of the opposite!  Growing up we rarely went out to eat and I have come to realize that there was no need to go out as we could eat much better at home than in any restaurant we could go to.

Connie’s Recipe corner is a recurring segment on this show where a full meal is shared for your consideration.  All of the items listed in each segment have been tested in “Connie’s Kitchen” and are easy to make no matter your skill level.  As with any recipe, it is to be looked at as a guideline…you are free to make any changes or adjustments you see fit!  Be sure to check back here frequently for the most recent recipes!  After you try them, please leave comments below on your experience using them!

Past Recipes:

Januray 21, 2014 

March 25, 2014 Recipes