December 20, 2016 – Official Archive

On the show tonight:

– The third Tuesday of the month brings a visit from BBQ Hall of Famer, author, TV host and cooking class instructor Steven Raichlen.  Tonight we will cover 2017 BBQ/Grilling trends, some prime rib tips and more.

– Next up, the creator of the Grill Girl blog, Robyn Lindars joins me to talk about smoking cocktails, top gifts for the holiday and her experience hosting a social media conference recently. 

– At the very top of the 2nd hour I will be joined by Noah Glanville of Pit Barrel Cooker to talk about their product and some cool new products they brought to market in 2016.

– Up next, Senior Brand Manager of Smithfield Foods, Emily Detwiler.  Tonight we talk about the Smithfield Brand, their entrance into the competition BBQ world in 2016 and some other key topics.

– Helping me close the show tonight is the creator of the Chops Power injector, Dan Ulledahl.  We hit the injector briefly…but really dig into his restaurant.  It’s ready to open after some major set-backs.  


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