Perhaps you have a BBQ or Grilling product/service and looked to partner with the show…but the $400/month was just to much for you to swing. I dig it! I also want to make sure that every business has the opportunity to promote their stuff to my audience. GET EXPOSED!!

For a very affordable $200 investment, you will get a 20 minute “infomercial” style segment that we will record at your convenience (not during the live show). I will include links, logos, product pictures and all of that good stuff during the recording. Once we are done, I will post it in the podcast feed and everyone who subscribes to the show will get the spot! It will also be uploaded to the BBQ Central You Tube page and Outdoor Cooking Channel archives page for BBQ Central.

This is not a monthly fee…it is a one time charge!  If you believe in your product and want to get it in front of an audience that is YOUR target market, send me an email right now so we can get it hooked up!  I do have stats available upon request.

I look forward to hearing from you!!