February 25, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

Starting out the show, we all love convenient things when we are cooking outdoors, right?  The boys from Grill-Easy join me to talk about their product and why it will help make your next cook EASY as pie!

Hour 2:

In the second hour, I will be joined by Steve Grams, the director of theWestern W3 BBQ Cook-Off Series.  I missed the jump on this series as it started last year, but it concludes next month.  Steve will get us up to speed on where the series is now and why he got it going in the first place!

In the last segment, I re-load America’s only editor of BBQ, From Texas Monthly, Daniel Vaughn joins me to talk about some new topics he has been working on…always good to talk BBQ with one of the most respected names in the industry today!


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Butchers BBQ

BBQ’rs Delight Wood Pellets

Green Mountain Grills



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