January 21, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

My first guest tonight has been a long time show sponsor, he is a successful pitmaster, sauce, injection and rub maker and has made a few TV appearances as well.  Dave Bouska from Butcher BBQ joins me to talk about…well, Horse Meat!  Yeah, HORSE MEAT!!  Don’t miss this segment!

Up next, monthly contributor and creator of the Grill Grrrl website, Robyn Lindars joins me to talk Super Bowl recipes, outdoor cooking on campfires and she will take me to task about Bobby Flay being #2 on the Pork Barrel BBQ list from last year.

Hour 2:

A TV darling, a competition pitmaster, a rub maker and a BBQ open air market expert, Neil “Big Mista” Strawder, joins me to talk about a number of topics tonight to include how to successfully open and manage a BBQ business in the framers market set up.  

Helping me close the show tonight…at this moment, it’s anyone’s guess…stay tuned!


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  1. Hi i am emailing from across the Pond in England. I am glad you covered horse meat- in some countries in Europe it is widely eaten – eg France. My own personal view is that if we eat other animals such as cows and lambs and pigs, then why not horse! In fact, it tastes delicious! I hope i have not offended any horse lovers, this is certainly not my intention.
    Best wishes, peter (kent, UK)

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