July 1, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

The first Tuesday of the month finds us getting our monthly check up with the Good Doctor of the BBQ and Grilling world, Ray Lmape, joining us for the “Ask Dr. BBQ Segment”.  Tonight we hit on Grillstock, The Talk Too, American Grilled and 4th of July!

Steph Franklin from Simply Marvelous joins me to talk about his end of the “West Coast Offense” line up of rubs (in conjunction with Big Poppa Smokers).  We will also get his take on the first half of the BBQ season and what he looks for in the second half.

Hour 2:

Russ Faulk from Kalamazoo Grills joins me to talk about their brand ofhybrid grill/smoker.  They make an incredible amount of products for the outdoor kitchen arena but the grill I saw on their videos was superior!  It is gas fired, charcoal fired and wood fired…or a combination of both!

The last segment of the show will hold particular interest for you pellet heads!  If you can distinguish bettwen a “Winery or Rehab” you can win 40lbs of FREE pellets from Cookin’ Pellets.com!!  NICE!!  Last week we gave away 80lbs…FOR FREE!!


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