March 11, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

The second Tuesday of the month means one of the shows most popular guests stops by for the first hour.  Meathead Goldwyn from Amazing Ribswill talk on a number of topics to include “Hot Weather” cooking, if you’re lookin’ you’re not cookin’ and what you should put in the water pan of your cookers.

Hour 2:

In the second hour, I will be joined by the President and CEO of Cookshack, Stuart Powell.  Stuart will be heading out to the Smokin at the Run BBQ Shootout this weekend to kick off their competition season.  He will give us his take on that event and also talk about the cookers.

Helping me close the show tonight is the winner of the most recent Sam’s Club local event which took place in Baton Rouge, LA.  Dennis May from Smokin N The Dark will recap the big weekend, tell us how he got in to competition BBQ and what the rest of his 2014 season looks like.


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