May 6, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

Your monthly visit to the BBQ Doctor is up first.  Ray Lampe joins me to cover all of your questions and BBQ/Grilling woes since your last check-up.

Switching it up a bit, we get non-cooking, and visit with Scott Volpe.  His son Ben has Type 1 juvenile diabetes and they are raising money for the JDRFwalk they will be taking part in this month.  Scott will hip us to the differences between diabetes 1&2 and how to make sure you loved ones know the warning signs.

Hour 2:

Michael McDearman joins me in the 2nd hour to talk about his recent apperance on the Pitmasters TV show.  We will also talk about his new venture in he steak cook-off arena.  Could it be the next hottest thing to competition BBQ??!!

Helping me close the show tonight is Stan Hays from County Line Smokers.  He just won the Sam’s Club local qualifier this past weekend in Overland Park, KS.  He will recap the event and also get us up to speed onOperation BBQ Relief.


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