November 13, 2012 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

The first hour tonight is full of Meathead!!  More specifically, the first segment will be a rapid fire round table discussion on the Kingsford Invitational Championship that took place this past weekend.  Meathead,Patio Daddio (John Dawson), Nibble Me This (Chris Grove), Grill Grrrl(Robyn Lindars) and Derrick Riches join me to give me their take aways from this first time event.

Meathead stays with me for the 3rd segment and we cover some other BBQ & Grilling topics as well.

Hour 2:

Melissa Cookston of Yazoo”s Delta Q joins me in the 2nd hour to talk about winning the Kingsford Invitational Championship.  It was quite an impressive display this past weekend as Yazoo”s won 4 of the 5 categories in the 2 day span of the competition.  Leaving no doubt that they were the class of this unique contest.

Helping me close the show tonight is TV producer and competitive BBQ”er John Markus.  BBQ Pitmasters is ready to start a new season and john will tell us about any new changes made to the format.

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