November 29, 2016 – Official Archive

On the show tonight:

– One of the more popular topics that we talk about on the show is “dry aging” beef.  Always sounds like a great idea but then actually doing it always seems like a pain in the butt.  Frank Rizzo joins me to talk about the Steakager and how it could change the way you think about aging beef!

– Speaking of beef, Annella Kelso from Snake River Farms joins me to catch up before the end of the year.  We will talk about their success at the Jack and Royal, take a look at the upcoming KOS and more.  PLUS…FREE STEAK AND HAM!! (2 winners) 

– Speaking of KOS, David Qualls (American Dream BBQ Team) and Travis Clark (Clark Crew BBQ Team) are both cooking the event and join me for a quick recap of their season and a look ahead to this contest.  How will they cook it, what do they like most…all the good stuff!

Helping me close the show is the BBQ Central Show official sauce and rub reviewer Scott Roberts from Scott Roberts Web. Tonight we cover new rubs and sauces and see what rating Scott gives them.  

Scott’s Products for Review: 

Mikey V’s Red Raspberry Reaper BBQ Sauce

16 oz. bottle – $8.99

Sweet Heat Gourmet Bulgogi Asian BBQ Sauce

12 oz bottle – $7.50

Ring of Fire All-Purpose Seasoning

3.6 oz bottle – $7.95


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