October 25, 2016 – Official Archive

On the show tonight:

– The fourthTuesday of the month guest, Max Good from AmazingRibs.com, joins me to talk about some new cookers that are on the market.  We will also talk about Meathead in Paradise.

– Tuffy Stone of Cool Smoke joins me to recap his 3rd overall GC at the Jack Daniel’s this past weekend. 

– Jeff Straubel from Summerset Grills joins me to talk about the American Muscle Grill.  If you like the Kalamazoo product, you will want to tune in for this segment!  

– A friend of the show, and friend to many in and out of competition BBQ, Matt Dalton of Left Coast Q passed away last week.  I am going to take a look back at how he got in to BBQ, how the team got its name, what it was like to see some early success, ride the elevator down and then rise back up.  I am happy to share any emails or calls you would like to share as well during this segment.

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