May 13th 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1: Monthly guest, Meathead Goldwyn, joins me to talk about the Arby's Smokehouse brisket sandwich as well as the thermodynamics of cooking.  We will answer your questions as well! Hour … [Read more...]

May 6, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1: Your monthly visit to the BBQ Doctor is up first.  Ray Lampe joins me to cover all of your questions and BBQ/Grilling woes since your last check-up. Switching it up a bit, we get … [Read more...]

Red Robin – Willoughby, Ohio

I am going to try and get some local C-Town reviews mixed in with the archives going forward.  The other night me and the test group went to Red Robin.  A well established burger chain to do some … [Read more...]

April 29, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1: Gabriel Garcia joins me to talk about his grill and the art of Asado! Next up, the best steak cook in America and the pitmaster of Trash Can Cookers, Monte Brown joins me to talk, well, … [Read more...]

April 22, 2014 – Official Archive

Hour 1: Quita from Boss Hog Melissa Cookston - Memphis BBQ Company Hour 2: Craig Sharry from Texas Pepper Jelly Jason Gahnal - Winner of local Denver Sam's Club … [Read more...]