Red Robin – Willoughby, Ohio

I am going to try and get some local C-Town reviews mixed in with the archives going forward.  The other night me and the test group went to Red Robin.  A well established burger chain to do some evaluating.  We started with some pretzel bites which were VERY good and enjoyed by each member of the test group.  Everyone appreciated the bottomless french fires so we could really get out carb-load on!

Burgers all around:  Table sampled  a double cheese with standard toppings (no onions), a blue cheese burger, a pepperoni pizza and a bacon cheese burger. Everything was prepared in an orderly time frame and came out hot.  No mistakes were made and the waitress was very attentive in maintaining full drinks for the table…something that is easy enough to do but often overlooked!

In summary – In Cleveland there are a lot fo burger joints.  Red Robin falls in to the “If I’m not by “X” or “Y” I will go for sure”…but is way better than the standard fast food crap you will get at a McDonalds or the like.  If you have a Red Robin by you and you haven’t visited yet, you are missing out on an above average experience!!


  1. Ken Goldenberg says:

    We use to go to the one in our area (Rancho Santa Margarita in Orange Co, CA) so often I was getting several free burgers a year on their rewards program, birthdays, etc. But last year, twice in a row, it was filthy! Plates and flatware still had dried food on them, tables not cleaned very well – even the manager with hair in his face. We tried another location in nearby Irvine, CA – it was clean, but service was very slow, fish and chips were soggy (after asking for extra crisp) – just not good. Despite being given a gift card my the manager, we never went back – and never will again!

    • Ken, thanks for replying and giving your experience! Dirty restaurants are the worst…sorry your RR has gone downhill…ours is still good so we go back when we have a burger Jones!

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