September 3, 2013 – Official Archive

Hour 1:

My first guest tonight is the head of social media and public relations at Thermoworks, Jesse Black. Jesse will give us a quick background on Thermoworks and then bring us up to speed on the product line including some new items hitting the market.

After that, I hope to have one of the instructors doing the Hawg With a Heart class next month at the American Royal. Stay tuned to see who I can snag!

Hour 2:

In the second hour we visit with BBQ expert, author and TV guest/host Adam Perry Lang. Adam is a classically trained chef who has turned in to a supreme BBQ/Grilling cook. We will get the full background on how and where is culinary career began and how it has evolved in to what he is doing in the barbecue and grilling industry. Adam is locked in for 2 segments so get the pens and pencils out and take notes…we will be covering a lot fo ground during our time together!!.


The BBQ Guru

Tasty Licks BBQ Supply

Steven DiFranco Jewelers

Butchers BBQ

BBQ’rs Delight Wood Pellets

Green Mountain Grills


R&O Smokers


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