Steven Raichlen Talks Prime Rib and David Lee “Voices Up”!

Steven Raichlen stops by tonight to talk about last minute gift ideas, prime ribs, pork and goose recipes and the future of plant-based beef.

Jon Solberg, producer of “The Best Moments of the BBQ Central Show in 10 minutes or less”, stops by to talk about the concept and what you can expect to hear when the new show launches in January. If you already subscribe to the show you will get it automatically in the normal feed.

Jason Cole, Pitmaster from Smokin’ Coles, gives us his platform and reasons for running for the KCBS Board.

David Lee, the voice of Clear Channel, FS1, Westwood-One, PBR, Motor-Cross and The Really Big Voice Guy for the BBQ Central Show, makes his first appearance on the show. He will tell us about his background and his favorite times on the radio.

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  1. HEY I hope i have the right guy. Did you poist the WPIX YULE LOG

    Wow i’m A Long Island guy from southampton now in TX. NY from 63—-2002. And i did have a video tape of the log from my 20s But got lost in a move to NJ before TX And never thought till tonight 12-23-17 to look on youtube .

    Thanks if its you

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