Meathead from stops by to talk grill maintenance and Derrick Riches from The Spruce talk Kebabs!

Meathead Goldwyn from stops by for his normal segment.  Tonight we dive into "the beginning of grilling season" and things you need to do to get your cookers into tip-top shape. … [Read more...]

March 14, 2017 – Official Archive

On the show tonight: Segment 1&2: Meathead Goldwyn Segment 3: Travis Clark - Clark Crew BBQ Segment 4: Doug Scheiding - Rogue Cookers Shop at Amazon?  Now you can help the show while … [Read more...]

December 13, 2016 – Official Archive

On the show tonight: - The second Tuesday of the month brings a visit from Meathead Goldwyn of  Tonight we cover beef roasts (and the like) in-depth since many of you will be … [Read more...]