The 2018 Smithfield Grants are Announced! Meathead in The first Hour…

The second Tuesday of the month brings a first hour visit from Meathead Goldwyn of Amazing Ribs. In the second hour I will be joined by Emily Detwiler from Smithfield and she will reveal the … [Read more...]

Was the BBQ Finals at WFC really BBQ…Plus the SCA World Steak Champ and the WFC World BBQ Champ all on the same show!

Meathead Goldwyn from joins me in his normal 2nd Tuesday of the month spot to talk about his experience at the World Food Championships this past week. We might also fit in some … [Read more...]

Meat Church Gives His side of Pork Belly Burnt Ends. QSB Talks About Winning Sam’s National Title.

Meathead Goldwyn from joins me for his regular 2nd Tuesday of the month visit.  Meathead will be on remote somewhere in the greater Chicago area...where will he be??  Tune in and … [Read more...]

Meathead is Writing a New Book and he tells us all about it!!

Meathead Goldwyn, from stops by for his normal 2nd Tuesday of the month visit.  We talk about green chile cheeseburgers (via New Mexico), his new cookbook project and the great "Junket … [Read more...]

Smithfield wants to give you $5,000 for grilling, Meatheads re-visits the stall and Reggie Kelly stops by for a visit too!

Meathead Goldwyn from stopped by to discuss some Facebook question we got that included when to wrap ribs, what the stall is, should LPG be allowed in competition BBQ and so … [Read more...]