REVEALED: Why The National Pro BBQ Tour Was Lost in 2018!

Making his first appearance in the new year is the 3rd Tuesday of the month guest, Steven Raichlen of The Barbecue Bible. Tonight we talk about the 5 most popular recipes from 2017, his 2018 … [Read more...]

The Best Moments of The BBQ Central Show in 10 Minutes or Less.

Episode 2 Guests on this show: BBQ Hall of Famer Steven Raichlen Author and Meat Historian Maureen Ogle Original Air Date: December 17, 2013 Full Show Link:  … [Read more...]

Steven Raichlen Talks Prime Rib and David Lee “Voices Up”!

Steven Raichlen stops by tonight to talk about last minute gift ideas, prime ribs, pork and goose recipes and the future of plant-based beef. Jon Solberg, producer of "The Best Moments of the BBQ … [Read more...]

Killer Bs BBQ Climbs the mountain back to GC! Plus turkey talk with Sam The Cooking Guy.

Steven Raichlen returns to his normal 3rd Tuesday of the month segment after returning from Italy. We will talk about the new show he was recording and we will also cover some turkey tips. Jim burg … [Read more...]

SLAPS Continues their Winning Streak & We Talk a Lot of BEER Tonight!!

Steven Raichlen, the BBQ Hall of Famer and prolific cookbook author, is set to join me in his usual 3rd Tuesday of the month segment. Brett Gallaway from the Steak Cookoff Association will stop by … [Read more...]