The BBQ Round Up – Episode 2

In this episode, we cover the past week’s news in the BBQ and Grilling world.

Doug Scheiding from Rogue Cookers talks a bit about the Houston BBQ Cook-Off

We look at what is coming up this weekend in regards to competitions and events in general

I review 2 BBQ sauces from Victory Lane BBQ

  1. Sweet BBQ Sauce (4/5 rating) Can be purchased here.
  2. Mild BBQ Sauce ( /5 rating) can be purchased here.

Answer a listener email in the MAIL CALL segment

Spend some time with the creator of the Butter Bath and Wrap product, Heath Riles from Victory Lane BBQ


  1. Thanks for having me on to talk about the HLSR World Championship Cookoff. Like the new BBQ Round Up show for detailed information related to the world of BBQ.

  2. Eugene Apicella says:

    Whatever you’re doin’, just keep doin’ it.

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