The Smithfield Grant will be BACK in 2018!! Max Good talks Myron Mixon Smokers and Sheri Gray talks Pork Tenderloin Sammiches!!

Max Good from stops by for his normal 4th Tuesday of the month spot.  Tonight we will be talking about the best “High-Tec” Gear for the BBQ and Grilling season.

Tonight I introduce the newest segment to the show…this will (potentially) be a once per month installment with the BBQ Central Show “Official embedded correspondents”.  There are currently (3) right now and they are Doug Scheiding (Texas), Steve Ray (Tennessee) and Dave Huff (Oklahoma). We will discuss items that are relevant to the industry…and maybe some that aren’t!

In the 2nd hour, I will be joined by Emily DetwilerSterling Ball and Tuffy Stone.  We will discuss the newly announced “Smithfield Classic” presented by Big Poppa Smokers, the upcoming Guinea Pig contest in Georgia and also update the committed cooks’ program.

Closing the show tonight is the other half of the Pellet Envy cooking team, Sheri Gray.  Tonight we go in-depth on the topic of “Pork Tenderloin Sandwiches”.  When did the first appear, how should they be made, what makes a good or bad sandwich and what places have the best ones to eat?  We will also talk about some PE business as time allows.

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The BBQ Central Show makes news in Cleveland!  Read about it HERE!




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  1. Greg, Asking you to forgive me, but a big reason I’m on and off with The BBQ Central Show is that I watched it on Roku (I actually got Roku because of your show.), and the most recent show Roku lets me watch is 01/27/2015. I can’t get any recent shows. I end up listening online occasionally, which is fine, but I can’t just listen when I want to. I did enjoy that you sent a Facebook link several days ago. That was great, BUT I can’t watch you on my Roku.

    Any input on that, or polite suggestions?

    Brian De

    • I wish I could give you an update but I don’t have control over that ROKU…if I find anything out I will let you konw!

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