The Top 50 BBQ joints in Texas are released and I talk about it with Daniel Vaughn!!

Steven Raichlen,  starts us off on the 4th Tuesday of the month …his new book “Sauces, Rubs and Marinades is ready to go.  We will talk about this one a bit as well as some other topics.  He also weighs in on the potential de-funding of PBS.

Doug Trattner joined me around 9:35pm Eastern and we spoke about his recent trip to Texas and how Cleveland BBQ and Texas BBQ compare/contrast…etc.  He will also gave us the lowdown on some great new places to try if you are visiting the Cleveland area this summer.

Daniel Vaughn from Texas Monthly stopped by around 10:14pm Eastern to reveal the Top 50 BBQ Joints in Texas.  This is always a hotly debated posting and we dove into it to see how/why some places dropped, rose up or otherwise disappeared since the last update.

Finally, around 10:35pm Eastern, we caught up with Brett Gallaway from the SCA.  We talked about the first quarter of the year, what big events are coming up and what he thought about the KCBS getting into the competitive steak cooking arena.

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