Was the BBQ Finals at WFC really BBQ…Plus the SCA World Steak Champ and the WFC World BBQ Champ all on the same show!

Meathead Goldwyn from www.amazingribs.com joins me in his normal 2nd Tuesday of the month spot to talk about his experience at the World Food Championships this past week. We might also fit in some turkey talk.

Erick Hodson from Boars night Out will join me to talk about winning the world championship steak cooking title 2 weeks ago.

Noah Glanville, owner of Pit Barrel Cooker, will stop by to talk about their brand new Pit Barrel Junior cooker. We will also cover the new accessories that are available as well.

World Food Champion in the BBQ division, Fred Robles from Rio Valley Meat, joins me to recap his big win from this past week’s competition.

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